To capture the heart of God while simultaneously compelling others to an intimate relationship with Christ, Jokia in a nutshell is A guitar playing singer and songwriter, she aims to deliver a sound that makes an impression on every heart that lends their ear to her message through music. This can be seen quite evidently in her debut single “Yahweh ”, which garnered the type of traction that is uncommon, yet impressive,
for a release not supported by a record label or major marketing.

Prior to the digital release of “Yahweh ”, Jokia offered a soul-stirring performance of the song at Marquis Boone’s 2015 Discovered conference that landed her a demo recording deal. Since then, and with much dedication to her craft and devotion to God, Jokia’s ministry continues to gain visibility, amazing opportunities and platforms to minister through music, and the greatest gift of all: lives changed.

There is more than music to Jokia. She is also a proud wife (to Benjamin Williams) and a mother of 2 amazing daughters (Felicia & Jasmine Williams).